The decorative acoustic panel specialist absorbent and diffusing

Improve the acoustic of your living-room to create your musical ambience

PYT Audio designs and develops decorative acoustic panels. We work on acoustic decorative trends. Our technology allows a small thickness as well as a visual appearance design and discreet. We offer you some of the finest decorative acoustical panels on the market.


Whether you want to improve the sound of your living room or your HiFi room, we have the acoustic solution for your needs! Our solutions range from acoustical diffusing panels to sound absorbing panels.


Our products allow you to achieve a very high level of sound quality, whatever your interest: a reduction of noise (to find comfort and calm) or an optimization of the sound (to take full advantage of your Hifi system). Check out our achievements to get a better idea.

Acoustic panels for a trendy piece and improve your listening comfort

Acoustic panel for a trendy piece and improve your listening comfort

Acoustic panels for Hifi installation

Our Hifi acoustic panels allow you to enhance the musical pleasure!


Improve the articulation and fluidity of complex musical messages by reinforcing your sound image!


Rediscover your favorite songs with a more precise, more articulated and more airy reproduction.


Reinforce your musical pleasure with a system free from all tensions!


Our acoustic packs guarantee an improvement that will be able to accompany all your evolutions of Hifi or Home cinema equipment.

Acoustic panels for living room

Our decorative acoustic panels have been studied to make your living room pleasant.


Thanks to them you will get an acoustic comfort that will accompany your family meals and your evenings with friends!


Your room will look quieter and more relaxing with our sound absorption panels.


Our acoustical panel kits for living rooms are designed to dampen sounds while decorating your room.


Enjoy a color chart that will awaken your creative and decorative desires!

Acoustic panel for professionnel

Acoustic panel for professionals

If you are a professional, we have solutions for you. Thanks to our partners, we have selected quality acoustic panels that are addressed to Companies Receiving Workers and Companies Receiving Public.


We offer acoustic panels for canteens, sports halls and shows, open-spaces, meeting rooms, restaurants and cafes or nurseries, ... that must deal with noise issues.


Professionals MUST contact us because of industry specific standards.

Easy-to-use decorative acoustic panel

The simplicity of installation is an essential criterion.


It allows you to bring acoustic comfort in your room without tools and by yourself!


Our decorative acoustic panels are supplied with fixing systems that respect your habitat (neither nail / screw).


With PYT audio, no need for technicians, you can mount your acoustic panel alone and very simply.

Only pay for the quality of our acoustic solutions.


You do not believe in it ? Watch our video!

Color panel acoustic decorative

Decorative acoustic panel: choice and quality

We offer you the widest choice of colors with the most qualitative fabrics.

The finish type Alcantara (suede) will be the most beautiful effect in your home.


After several years of R & D we have designed a unique technology that reduces the thickness by 5 (compared to the market standard) while enjoying a better performance than a conventional acoustic foam.


The thickness of each acoustic panel, between 0.9 and 1.7 cm, will make it discreet and will marry perfectly with your interior.


Take advantage of our expertise recognized by high-end HiFi professionals and our customers.

Decorative acoustic panel made in France

We use the best French suppliers and subcontractors in their respective fields.


This allows us to offer ever more original and efficient acoustic panels for optimal acoustic correction.


The advanced techniques alongside those more traditional to offer you the best end product.

Decorative acoustic panel made in France

SMAD Reference

Absorbing acoustic treatment panels.

Multilayer and multi-density structure which gives the best performance for minimum thickness (17mm).

Coating suede available in 4 colors.

SMAD reference exclusive

Absorbing acoustic treatment panels.

Multilayer  and multi-density structure which gives the best performance for minimum thickness (17mm).

Coating suede available in 45 colors.

SMAD Acces

Acoustic absorbing treatment panels.

Multilayer  and multi-density structure which gives the best performance for minimum thickness (9mm).

Coating suede available in 4 colors.

SPAD poly-cylinder

Acoustic diffusor

Mechanical inertia increase system

Concaves resonances suppressing device

Integrated multi-density multi-layer.

Acoustic panel: PYT commitments

Choice and design

pencil representing choice and design

Enjoy 45 permanent colors and fabrics that follow the trends. With PYT Audio you combine design and quality.

Easy installation

acoustic panel easy to install

With PYT Audio, you are the technician. The panels can be installed anywhere on your available walls without damaging the support.

An expert at your service

Acoustic expert

Thibault Mercier gives you advice, without supplement of price, to improve the acoustics of your room. He accompanies you throughout your project. It will make you an optimal acoustic diagnosis.

Recognized expertise

Recognized acoustic panel with medal

Numerous specialized magazines, including Mono & Stereo, VUmetre, 6Moons and Audiophile magazine, have praised our products

High-end products

High-end acoustic panel

Each acoustic panel is handmade and in France. They allow you to create custom sound ambiances.

Possible loan

Acoustic treatment test

Want to try? Book your acoustic test panel kit. Make an idea for yourself, try it is adopt it.

Ease of payment

Ticket representing the payment facility

We propose you the possibility of making a payment in several times according to the references and the amount of your basket.

Mobile acoustic panel

Movable acoustic panel

Take your panels anywhere, even when you moving himself or introducing them to someone.

Create tailor-made atmospheres whenever you want, according to your evolving needs.

1 year warranty

Guaranteed acoustic panel

All PYT Audio products are guaranteed one year after purchase.

A single interlocutor

Handshake representing a single interlocutor

In order to guarantee a perfect quality of service, we have chosen to dedicate a single contact for each of our clients.

Free quote and advice

Black round with free writing tips

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We bring you personalized advice for free. Our quotes are also free.

Improved acoustics

Ear hearing a better sound

With our solutions, you can be sure that your acoustics will be greatly optimized for optimal satisfaction.

They trust our acoustic panels

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