Our values

At PYT Audio, we design acoustic panels with passion. We strive to respect deeply held values within the company. We believe that it is fundamental for a company to have a societal commitment to preserve our planet and to have a constant demand for our customers.

Respect the environment

We are concerned about the environment as evidenced by the numerous R & D tests that we carry out to use the best possible products in respect of the environment.

We know that the major issues of tomorrow are being tackled today.




We are constantly on the lookout for perfection. We strive to deliver the best to our customers, so we go the extra mile every day to deliver unbeatable solutions.

We want to offer you unique products that fully meet your needs with unparalleled acoustic quality.



Customer satisfaction

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

As such we are very attentive to their needs, their constraints and their objectives in order to always offer them the best acoustic solution.

We design our products in such a way that, beyond their performance, they are also the most durable and most aesthetically integrable in a living space.

This is undoubtedly what allows us to obtain distinctions from the specialized press of acoustics.




We are constantly seeking to innovate to offer you ever more efficient products tailored to your needs. We are in constant contact with our talents and our customers.