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Here you will find a sample of your achievements made with our acoustic panels. The investments have been carefully chosen to obtain a better acoustic comfort in respect of their environment. Trust us for your acoustics.



Find the opinions of our customers on our acoustic achievements.


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Dedicated hifi room to the Hifi

This project was for our client the culmination of a dream: to have a dedicated room for doing music and listing HiFi, which can highlight all the qualities of its system. 


The watchword has been clear: no concessions!


We have therefore made every effort to obtain a result worthy of the most beautiful auditoriums.


Suppression of primary and secondary reflections, installation of ceiling panels only in the listening area because the room had no  flutter problem. But also diffusion behind the speakers using a couple of poly-cylindrical and low profile panels in order to have both a significant energy input, but also gain depth of scene and smoothly thanks to the absorption technology / diffusion of diffusing panels low profile.

decorativ acoustic treatment

Here is our customer's comment on his PYT experience:



I ordered 12 acoustic panels special pack Hifi home theater, on thibault's advice that I thank the passage and who is very attentive and available! It must be emphasized because it is very rare. He did not try to sell me the most expensive products but the most adapted products to the room, its size, its layout and of course the budget.

He even responds on weekends when you need some advice.

The products are top quality very easy to ask even. Delivered in time.

I really gained in listening quality, this is not a placebo effect but very real. Acoustics are very important in HiFi

If you can go for it because the prices are so interesting and the products very decorative.

Thank you again, I highly recommend this brand and this company.

living room acoustic treatment

Exclusive presentation: the manager's system!


True to the concept, I adopted my own advice!

A non dedicated room whose objective is to remain friendly.


Broadcasting panels were placed in front of the TV, real sources of problems.

Double objective: remove the defects generated by TV and bring energy to the system ... so life, the natural but also a sound scene much more realistic by its depth, breadth, and accuracy!


Absorbent acoustic panels from the reference and exclusive reference range have been placed at strategic points.



Finally, to avoid hearing the resonances of adjacent rooms, and lowering the RT60 curtains carefully chosen with rigorous specifications were placed. the fact that the volume of air behind the curtains is very important allows them to have a correct efficiency on a sufficiently wide bandwidth!


Observation: An initially totally unecountable piece now sounds like a real auditorium!

No redundancies, a controlled echo. I could go further, and I would, in a future time, when my listening will have allowed me to identify the small "finishes" that there is to do!

Hifi room acoustic tratment

Our client was looking to convert a room into a real auditorium.


A piece that had to be elegant, friendly ... But without concessions! The goal was to obtain excellent acoustics that can give the full potential of high quality equipment.


The work to begin from the plans of the room.

Specific recommendations have been given. These recommendations make it possible to optimize the acoustic potential and the sound insulation.


Specific materials have been selected. Precise and rigorous assembly techniques have been given to the architect and the project manager to allow a perfect respect of acoustic recommendations.


Subsequently, a selection of decor elements and furniture has been made in agreement with our client to optimize the acoustics and avoid any vibrations and parasitic resonances.

Finally, a generously sized acoustic treatment has been placed at specific locations to allow unparalleled listening conditions of veracity.


Obviously, our client being a music lover and a music consumer, we respected all his demands in terms of sound.

Living room / hifi acoustic treatment

Our client contacted us to reduce the ambient noise in his living room and get a quieter and more relaxing environment.


The volume of the room is important because the room is open to the kitchen and a mezzanine. This makes the room reverberant, and therefore, noisy.


We therefore broke the echoes and lowered the overall noise level with decorative wall acoustic panels and an acoustic ceiling fabric.


Our client has also equipped with diffusing panels to improve the listening quality of his HiFi system and make it more natural, lively and dynamic.


The result is a quieter and more relaxing room but also an optimized HiFi system!